In a sworn declaration presented to a blue-ribbon task force, Gary Delagnes accused the former police Officer Association of being racist and hardly cared about the Police Department. It has always been presumed until recently that George Gascon was very close with the police union. These assumptions have however been questioned recently.


Gary Delagnes said that at one time George even used racially abusive terms in a heated booze-fueled night. Delagnes spent 25 years serving in the force and was POA president before he retired. He spoke of this allegations after the George Gascon had talked to the panel on” allegations of racism and homophobia in the department.”. The reasons Delagnes decided to speak after the accusations made by George Gascon.


George Gascon told the panel that a police chief and the police commission had a difficult time affecting any reforms due to the challenges that posed by the police union. Delagnes, however, thinks that George was the one that impacted the SFPD negatively. Once in a dinner in Cambridge, during a police union leadership, Delagnes asked Gascon to restrain himself. It is said that Gascon was unruly used racial slurs and offended other patrons.


Martin Halloran, who is the current POA president, supported Delagnes version of account and added that the declaration “spoke for itself”.


The spokesperson of Gascon Alex Bastian failed to directly speak on the issue and only claimed that Delagnes had no credibility.


Gascon is said to have had issues with the union during the time that he ran the department.


Delagnes stated that they were close with the chief and spoke on a weekly basis and at no time was any information withheld. All issues that concerned the department he says were discussed.


Chief Gascon and Delagnes also meet for diners and coffee as Delagnes said, and they further implemented disciplinary actions fairly. In all those occasions at no time did Gascon show his dissatisfaction.


Delagnes further claimed that George Gascon never at any of the meeting ever argued that there were any, gender, sexual orientation, racial, or any other bias in the SFDP. Neither was he interested in implementing or improving any diversity at any level of the police department.


George Gascon comments have now put him in a position that he will have to defend his conduct and also prove his allegations.

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