Run Warren Run Movement Doubles Down on their Effort to Draft Her into the 2016 Presidential Race

Senator Elizabeth Warren has yet to realize the full impact her words have on the party’s far left wing base. While Warren is prone to make grandiose statements in support of hard-left policies, she is content to move on to the next issue or even support candidates who oppose her viewpoints. Such was the case in December when she bitterly opposed the continuing resolution budget bill, but eschewed any tactic that might actually delay the bill’s passage.

In addition, Warren decries Wall Street, but has openly supported both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. The former has well-known ties to Wall Street and the latter has accepted more money from Wall Street in multiples over what President George W. Bush did. Still, those wanting to push her into seeking the party’s 2016 presidential nomination are undaunted. Even as Warren again denied she will seek the presidency next year, and Democracy for Action have announced they are doubling down on their efforts to draft her.

The groups have already raised $1 million and vow that was just the start. They have opened offices in New Hampshire and are organizing the grassroots effort to mount a strong primary race in the state. They state that Warren has the ability to motivate the party’s liberal base unlike any other candidate.  A good friend Igor Cornelsen talks about the debate for Warren in his Herald article.

The New World of Laurene Powell Jobs

For many people, simply having 11 billion dollars and a yacht would be enough. Laurene Powell Jobs has taken a careful look at that money and realized that she needs to use it to make the world better than it was. After the death of her husband, famed Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Jobs has stepped out into the spotlight, and her work has shown that she knows how to use the finances that she has inherited to make a difference in the world around her. From philanthropy to politics, she brings a great deal of verve and grace to the world as she sees it.

Jobs grew up in New Jersey, and from there, she decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. After she graduated, she spent time as a fixed-income trading specialist before working at Merrill Lynch Asset Management. The result was a profound and lasting interest in finance, and from there, she pursued and earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford University.

In many ways, Jobs has always been doing good. She is the co-founder of College Track, where lower-income and minority students are offered the boost that they need to make the transition to college. However, in recent years, she has become more comfortable stepping into the forward running of philanthropic concerns, and as a result founded the Emerson Collective, which offers grants and partnerships to people who are looking into educational reform and human rights issues at all levels.

On top of that, Jobs has recently emerged as one of the top donors for the super PAC Ready for Hillary, which is committed to the presidential campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As indications point towards Jobs taking a more visible space in the race, the question becomes whether she herself will run. She has had a great deal of success influencing policy from her social works, but being a policy maker would be a new step.

There are many different things that she could do, and whether she wants to pursue actual political ambition or to continue making waves in the philanthropic community, it is clear that the way is open to her.