Anastasia Date; The Key To Online Dating In Russia

Anastasia Date is a popular website that deals with international dating service. It is mainly concerned with marching North American men to Eastern Europe Women. It was formerly started in the year 1993 by a couple that was Russian American, and their names were Elena and David Besuden. Due to its massive popularity, it has managed to clinch the 29th position among the most popular websites of dating in the entire world. It was launched in the year 1997 and boasts of more than 4 million users. The Anastasia Date was coined after Grand Duches Anastasia Nikolaevna a figure that was considered to be a great role model especially to women who were from Russia.

Their first move after being started was to use catalogs as a form of introduction of the male to the female. After its first website had been launched in the year 1997, it spread its wings far and wide to other cities specifically in several towns in Russia and Ukraine. Its growth went way beyond borders in 2003 when it went far beyond northern Asia. The growth was so massive that Anastasia Date grew sporadically and led to the creation of three web sites and became operated independently. Its popularity made the site to be featured in a documentary known as Love Translated. Anastasia Date was later sold to a private investor in the year 2011, and the other websites started being operated independently. The company later grew and developed significantly and in 2012, the traffic increased by 220%. Mark Brooks was later on recruited in the year 2013 to become the Chief Strategy Officer. It also came up with its own application that was available at the Google play store and several other stores like iTunes and Google play.

Anastasia Date is a very easy and simple to operate website. Account registration is also quite simple too and can be accessed through the app. In case of any notification, it will be mailed to the user profile. The profiles of women can amount to almost 8,000 profiles thus giving the men a wide variety from which they can choose from. Anastasia Date also comprises of a large means of communication services that entail emails, live chat, video chat and a set up by the company and an individual best known as ‘Date a Lady’. This site has been a resourceful platform for the middle-aged men whose ages range from 35-60. The sites get its cash returns through by administering a certain fee to those men particularly interested in meeting Eastern Europe women. The prices of the means of chatting vary like for instance chatting may cost only one credit while features like video chat happen to be more expensive. These services have been accepted with a huge reception thus more, and more people are getting interested in online dating because of the massive success it has registered in patching up new partners.