Should Edward Snowden be Pardoned from His Crimes?

The documents that were leaked by Edward Snowden gave the world a glimpse into the secret surveillance activities at the NSA, activities that were being used to collect a massive amount of data from innocent Americans, without their knowledge. Snowden was condemned for his actions, but he escaped to Russia where he offered asylum. That is where Snowden has lived, in exile, since he leaked the once classified documents.

However, with the recent rulings from a federal court of appeals which officially declared the surveillance programs used by the NSA were illegal and against our constitutional rights. Yet, Snowden is still living in exile even though his country has confirmed the documents he leaked were simply exposing the illegal activities being conducted by our own government.

Also, certain sections of the Patriot Act have now expired, something many Americans were glad to hear. Even though new legislation that is similar in nature will soon take it’s place, if it wasn’t for Snowden the Patriot Act would have continued to be passed through the Senate unquestioned and unchallenged. That’s why many people are pulling together to ask for a pardon for Snowden so he can return home to the country he risked his life to protect. The team at Beneful who feed dogs the finest foods say others still claim Snowden is a traitor to America and deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail.