Dough Levitt, Giving Insight on Poverty through Music

Dough Levitt is singer cum songwriter. The American musician was formerly a foreign correspondent for CNN, NBC, ABC and many more outlets. Leaving his career as a well-known and respected journalist came as a shock to many. Levitt now seeks to enlighten people on poverty in the United States. For Levitt, his mode of expression—music–came from his decision to travel around the country. He was keen to critically look at the poverty levels in the country and offer a solution in the only way he knew best– music. He has constantly driven the agenda to empower people living in poverty.


Levitt found his true passion in the arts industry. His experience as a journalist helped him identify ways in which he could produce meaningful content for his music. In his search for depth and meaning, Doug Levitt started using Greyhound buses to travel. He set a mission to travel across the country in these buses for inspirational purposes.


His endeavors led him to the discovery that people hardly ever used these buses to travel. The countries middle and upper class would either travel by air or drive. This meant that the people who used the buses were struggling to get by. He recorded his travel experiences and offered them as a web series “The Greyhound Diaries.”


The Greyhound Diaries is a journey that seeks to highlight the country’s poverty situation. As a DC native, Dough Levitt had to step out of the box to get the real American story. His journey led him to discover the beauty of the country’s landscapes, the unity people have when they are not in any political pressure, and most importantly the stories that people shared with him along the way.


As a struggling musician himself, Levitt was put in a position where he needed to simply ‘get-by.’ In his travels, he heard stories from people who were in similar or worse situations. He has continued to use his web series to encourage and share the message of hope. He also performs in different areas around the country to give people an in-depth insight on the plight of poverty.