The Battle for Fairness in Tahoe’s North Shore Communities

There have been some rocky years recently for the Lake Tahoe North Shore Communities. Not only are there political conditions that are very threatening for the businesses and individuals in the area, but there are also weather conditions that have caused a lack of moisture. This community depends on annual snowfall, and when there isn’t a great deal of snowfall the profits tend to fall. The Reno Gazette Journal has also reported that the pending incorporation of Olympic Valley has also been something that has been looming in the air for quite some time. The major financial backers finally backed out of this fight for incorporation. This is a big sigh of relief for those business individuals who really count on the municipal resources that they are accustomed to today. Andy With has been a key player in this ongoing fight against incorporation. His voice has definitely been heard as the fight continues.

Andy Wirth is an individual who has had his fair share of time in the resort industry. His ongoing success for the past 25 years has made him a stalwart image for individuals to look to in the hotel and resort industry. Wirth has also been very influential as a philanthropist as well. Wirth has learned how to go through hard times as well. While skydiving, Wirth had a horrible accident. Due to heavy winds, Wirth was blown into a vineyard. While landing his arm was torn off due to wiring in the vineyard. Wirth had his arm reattached and had to go through a series of physical therapies to regain the movement of his arm. During this time, he was able to connect with Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. This accident taught Wirth how to get through very difficult times. The future looks very bright for Wirth with the promising aspects of his resort management career. It will be exciting to see what project Wirth is up to next.

Achievements of Andy Wirth in the Tourism Sector

Andy Wirth is both the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Mr. Andy is also a qualified and skilled philanthropist. Wirth has been dedicated and committed to ensuring that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings serves as the best tourist destination at an international level. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is headquartered in Squaw Valley Road.
CEO Wirth also acts as a top contributor to both community services and environmental aspect. He works hard towards ensuring that resident of Lake Tahoe area lives a sustainable and healthy life. Mr. Wirth also manages an Ironman team referred to as the Wounded Warrior support that was formed to manage skydiving activities.
Recently, Reno Gazette-Journal made a publication on the drought calamity that affected the communities in the Lake Tahoe’s north shore. The drought cleared small enterprises and resorts found on the beach. Apart from the natural disaster, the community also faced a political struggle between the Olympic Valley and winter sports based in North America.
Wirth implied that he experienced tough years due to the drought calamity and political issue of the struggling two sides. A relief to the Squaw Valley Ski incorporation was met after nature offered storms that occurred earlier than expected. The storms naturally combined with cold temperatures and helped the Squaw Valley Company and other resorts based in Tahoe Lake area open early as compared to the other times.

1.Andy Wirth encountered another relief after the backers withdrew their incorporation effort towards Olympic Valley. Mr. Wirth’s Company had spent large amounts of money going against the Backers incorporation. According to CEO Wirth opinions, the incorporation could have led to the increment of tax rates on firms and residents of Tahoe Lake area.

Executive Wirth added that the incorporation would have results to a decrement in services offered by the authority such as infrastructure maintenance and snow plowing. Wirth implied that the Olympic Valley would have suffered isolation from the communities based on the north shore.
In the publication, Wirth reported that the incorporation was a threat to business operators. The Backers incorporation was in great fear to account their moves to the town council and hence preferred to present their matter to Board of Supervisors based in Auburn. Squaw Valley Holdings Company opposed the incorporation to render the best to the residents.

Battling against the Olympic Valley Incorporation

Following a disastrous drought that has befallen winter resorts and small business premises that rely on them, things haven’t been easy for communities on Lake Tahoe’s north shore. Additionally, they have been politically challenged in frequent battles over the Olympic valley that is the home to Squaw Valley Resort.
As reported on Reno-Gazette Journal, despite having gone through great toughness for the past four years, Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC talks of expecting reliefs. Following the withdrawal on the planned incorporation of Olympic Valley, a relief was experienced since the incorporation was posing a threat to the civic climate and also the area’s business.
In the incorporation’s opposition, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings spent a fortune. This was to prevent bad end results that would include poor services to the people and also an increased tax rate on both residents and business premises. This would also push to the urge of isolating Olympic Valley from other communities from the north shore.
The incorporation backers, who were more than determined to incorporate Olympic Valley states that Ski holdings couldn’t stand local residents making land use decisions. This stood out as one of the reasons as to why the holding focused on spending much money to oppose the incorporation according to opinions by many.
Andy Wirth, CEO, was recently appointed a chairman of nine member boards at Olympic Valley. There was also an appointment of other new members following a believe that the relation of all these would bring new ideas to improve the airports. Following Andy Wirth’s extensive experience in the management of international resorts, he was appointed by RSCVA board in 2013. So far he has worked in many different airlines working hard to develop additional flights for resorts in Canada, Utah and Colorado.
According to a statement he made, Andy Wirth is looking forward to bring forth an upgrade on the air services which will be highly essential for business industry and Ski industry at large. He also says he is ready to work with the available board to see to it that there is a provision of more flights to their region.

Andy Wirth – CEO of the Colorado Sking industry


Andy With was Born in West Germany, and went to school in Edinburgh, Scotland and Colorado State University. As the grandson of former US National Park Service Director Conrad Wirth and the great grandson of Forest ranger Theodore Wirth, it was assumed he would go into the forestry industry. As soon as he graduated he immediately went to work in the forestry and mountain ski industry. While in college he worked as a back woods ranger for Rocky Mountain National parks and wilderness ranger for San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. At the end of his education, he began as a member of the Hot Shot Wild Land Fire Crew based out of Northern New Mexico. As soon as Andy Wirth graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science he jumped right into his twenty five years of mountain and hotel industry in the area. 

He began these 25 years in Steamboat springs resort and worked several jobs throughout the resort from direct marketing to multiple leadership positions. He left the ground floor of management and begin working in the Steam Boat Ski and Resort Corporation’s parent companies Intrawest. In the early 2000’s, Wirth was appointed Chief Marketing Officer for Intrawest which then acquired Steamboat Springs resort. Three years later, eh accepted a position of President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Olympic Valley, California which then acquired Steamboat Springs Resort.

Since that appointment he has done everything he can to make the two ski resorts Squaw Valley and the Former Steamboat springs become one of the top skiing resorts in the area and in North America. According to a recent news release, Wirth was appointed to the appointment as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board this year. He has appointed to this board because of his extensive experience in both domestic and international resort management. Not only that, because of his 25 years of experience in the resort business, he has worked with various airlines to develop more flights for resorts in Utah, Colorado and Canada.