How An Academy Of Art University Alumni Had A Prominent Role In Making Coco

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, has been teaching art to college students since 1929. Their main campus is located in the South of Market district and each year it has a large number of students in attendance. It is privately held and is the biggest such design school in America. Students at this university can catch a private bus that takes them back and forth to this university’s different campuses across San Francisco as to their dorms.

Coco was a recently released animated movie which had a great deal of critical and commercial acclaim. Daniel Arriaga studied at the Academy of Art University. He is a visual artist who worked on Coco. Coco went on to win Best Animated Feature Film at the 2018 Academy Awards. This movie is about a young boy who ends up traveling through the Land of the Dead.


Many other graduates of the Academy of Art University have gone to have great success as well. A number of clothing fashion designers have been through this university. Since 2005, for example, students at this school have been competing at the New York Fashion Week event where their clothing lines are shown off to participants. Many of the best fashion designers in the world attend this event.

Daniel Arriaga was the character art director on Coco. He was hired by Pixar Animation Studios in 2001. He is also a senior director at this animation studio. He really enjoyed working on Coco because he comes from the same cultural background as the content of this movie. He recently attended an event at the Academy of Art University where he talked about the making of Coco. He said it really wasn’t easy bringing many of the characters to life because in the movie they are dead.


This university was originally established by Richard S. Stephens. His son took over in 1951 and it was in 1992 that his granddaughter took over the school. This university has greatly increased its student body since her arrival. In 1992 this university had 2000 students and now it has 12,600.