Bob Reina: He’s Someone You Want To Know

In today’s society and today’s world, there are very few people that are going to make a lasting impact like Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. It is hard to believe the company has been around for over ten years! Although, when you dig deeper and look into the company, it really isn’t all that surprising to see the results the company has had over the past decade. They were ahead of the game, which is always the key when running a company. You can’t be playing from behind and you can’t be playing catch up. You need to be an innovator. Bob Reina is and always will be an innovator, which is why people have responded to him in the manner in which they have so far. Learn more:


They have seen a person that wears his heart on his sleeve. People love to see that in a person. It shows them a person that is going to go to bat for them. He is going to do what is best for them and he is going to help them out. One way he is doing that is by having 30-day free trials for new customers of Talk Fusion. Everyone knows Talk Fusion is amazing with its video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. However, Bob Reina wants even more people to get their hands on it and he wants the company to grow.


He is all about the growth of the company and what is going to move the company ahead well into the future. At Talk Fusion, you are part of a family. You are part of a family that is going to take you in, appreciate you, and see all of the good you have to offer to the world. They are going to show you the ropes and they are going to support you each and every single step of the way.


This is not just a job for people that work at Talk Fusion. They believe in it, and they believe in the power if it. They know it is the kind of company that can truly transform lives and make them better. It is why they work for the company. They want to work for a company and a leader like Bob Reina that is truly going to go to bat for them as employees. He treats each and every person that walks through that door with the utmost respect. He knows they have something special to offer the company and he wants to bring it out of them.


He also wants to bring out the best in the people that are using the product as well.

Rick Smith: The Respected President of Securus Technologies

Back in 2008, the current Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies Richard Falcone passed the mantle to Mr. Rick Smith. Today, Rick Smith has chosen to follow the former CEO steps since he has a great set of skills. He boasts of a track record that was set straightforward after landing in Securus Technologies. He has held many positions in the Securus technologies that have helped him scale up his experience market. His last job before joining Securus was at Eschelon Telecom, and he had been a CEO too. In at least nine years, he managed to grow the revenue of the company significantly. His academic qualifications are worth noting for he holds a Bachelor degree of science in Electrical engineering. Additionally, he has a Master’s degree in the mathematics discipline.

Securus Technologies is an American Prison-based Company in Texas which was founded in1986. It also has other offices in Georgia too. The company has managed to employ close to a 1,000 people and are reported to have contracts exceeding 2,600 people. The company has managed to serve more than 2,200 correctional facilities both in the United States and Canada. In July 2016, the company announced having invested more than $600 million in both technologies and patents for around three years. Rick Smith has been credited for the boost in the profit of this firm. Many people who have experience of any Securus service believes that Rick is the right man for the job. His drive and focus have been one of a kind, and this has helped the company surge forward and has been named as the best leader present in the correctional industries today.

His success has been attributed to the companies he worked for before such as telecommunications and business development. Other enterprises that have helped him reach the standards he is in include the Global Crossing in North America where he was a controller and the chief of information.Today, Securus Technologies is considered as one of the strongest technology firms in the United States. Every week, product development proposals are usually released to help in law enforcement. Additionally, the proposals also aid in solving crimes in the correctional facilities and prevent more problems which are birthed in the present day society. Rick Smith recently reported how Securus Technologies was receiving a good number of letters and emails. Most of them contained appreciation reports of Securus Technologies was providing adequate services. The services have helped the society with the inclusion of the inmates be safer than the previous years before. Rick Smith also said that the building of safety in the DNA of the company is what Securus aims at in their everyday endeavors.

The Outstanding Performance of Jason Hope in the Technology Sector

Jason Hope is a revered businessman, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who has made significant accomplishments in the technology sector. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is committed to developing variety of technology based products that can simplify people’s lives. Hope is highly appreciated for his generosity and is always committed to supporting communities. The businessman grew up in Tempe and enrolled for his finance degree at the Arizona State University. He later joined the Carey School of Business to pursue an MBA. The entrepreneur has been actively involved in political undertakings in Arizona and other parts of the country.

Hope is devoted to conducting extensive research and developing technology-based products. The main areas that he has specialized in mobile applications, gaming software, desktop software, and different innovations that can simplify life for people. Jason has been working to make sure that the products that he develops can have a positive impact on communities. His futuristic nature has motivated him to help young innovators to come up with cutting edge technologies.

The entrepreneur has always been devoted to offering financial aid to creative individuals who are struggling to be successful in technology sector. According to him, many young people have remarkable ideas, but they lack the resources to develop them. He has offered finances to senior high school and college students who have great technological inventions. People who have excellent ideas but do not have resources can seek help from him.

Apart from being a well-established technology entrepreneur, Jason is a liberal person who has been helping the Arizona-based communities in various ways. His wealth has enabled him to accomplish his goal of assisting other people to be successful. He is an administrator of different foundations that are essential to communities across the state. Hope always strives to make sure that all the people of Arizona have improved lives. He also donated money to support humanitarian groups that are committed to offering longer lives to humanity by eliminating various issues that cause aging. Jason uses his time, influence, and resources to facilitate new projects and the operations of different foundations.

Touching Jason Hope: