Sam Tabar’s Surprising Take on Saturday’s Primary Elections

The race for the presidential candidate for both the Democratic party and the Republican party continues to surprise and be full of twists and turns. Here is a short summary written by Sam Tabar, through a series of tweets, of what expired during the Saturday primaries for the Democrats and Republicans.

Let’s start with the Democrats first. Tamar knew that Bernie Sanders had a great night. The independent senator from Vermont beat Clinton resoundingly in Kansas getting a whopping 67% of the vote and gaining 23 delegates to Clinton’s 10. Sanders also won in Nebraska where he managed to garner 56% of the vote and get 14 delegates compared to Clinton’s 10. Clinton won by a huge margin in Louisiana however where she got more than 70% of the vote and got 35 delegates compared to Sanders who received only 10. Both candidates expressed their anticipation of the Michigan primary which will take place on the 8th and where 148 democratic delegates are on the line.

On the Republican side, Sam Tabar feels that Ted Cruz had the best night. The Texas senator managed to win by a large margin in Kansas where he got 48% of the vote and earned 24 delegates. Cruz also edged out Donald Trump in Maine where he won 46% of the vote and earned 12 delegates. Meanwhile, Tabar noted in another tweet that businessman Donald Trump barely defeated Ted Cruz in Kentucky by a margin of 36% to 32%. Trump also surprised many by defeating Ted Cruz in Louisiana where the race was also close. The New York businessman won by 42% to 38%.

Serta Kicks Trump to the Curb

Donald Trump, already in trouble with NBC for his comments about Mexican immigrants, is having more backlash from his big mouth. Mattress manufacturer, Serta, says it will end its business relationship with Donald Trump, citing once again his comments made about immigrants.

Serta, which sells a line of mattresses that carry the Trump Home name, won’t be renewing their contract with the billionaire candidate. Serta says that the company values diversity and wishes not to associate themselves with the recent comments made by Donald Trump. Although, today they are still carrying the mattresses, they want the public to know that they are in the process of undoing their association with Mr. Trump.

Serta is only one of the companies pulling away from Donald Trump following the comments made regarding Mexican immigrants in a speech on June 16th reports Lime Crime here. NBC and Macy’s are also pulling away from Trump.

Trump claims that these companies are backing down due to political correctness and claims that they do not have a backbone. Many will be anxious to see how Mr. Trump does in the polls because so far it seems as if he is sinking his proverbial ship. If we were to give him the reigns to the country, wonder what would happen to us all?

Trumps Racial Comments Are Costing Him Numerous Business Ties

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been dumped by Macy’s department store. They are pulling all merchandise with his brand from their stores after Trump’s controversial remarks against Mexican immigrants. Macy’s stated they stand for diversity and have no tolerance for such discrimination.

Jim Dondero knows that Trump is on record for referring to Mexican immigrants as, “killers and rapists” which Macy’s finds defamatory of their character. They state this portrays a false image of the many Mexicans, Latinos and Mexican Americans who have brought valuable contributions to our country.

Trump’s menswear sold at the Macy’s department store included; neckties, cuff links and dress shirts. Trump also appeared in many of Macy’s commercials which are all going to be phased out of the store. Angelo Carusone, who launched the petition to Macy’s to dump Trump, applauds the department store for making the right decision. He refers to the Trump brand as bigoted, bullying and not consistent with Macy’s image. Carusone started a movement against Trump in 2012 when he began spouting theories about President Barack Obama’s birth .

Macy’s are not the only ones to pull away from the image Trump is protraying. Univision will no longer telecast the Miss USA pageant that is partially owned by Trump and they too are cutting all ties with him. NBCUniversal the joint owners with Trump of the pageant will sever their relationships as well.

NBC Tells Trump ‘You’re Fired’

Monday, NBC Universal announced that it was ending the relationship with businessman and Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

NBC will no longer be airing both beauty pageants or “The Apprentice.”

Folks at Boraie Development (pressofatlanticcity) have learned that NBC sister station, Univision had put the pressure on to end their relationship with Trump, which was much easier to do since airing Trump programs would unfairly give him more air time and it appears to be a conflict of interest for NBC and the presidential candidate.

Trump was in Chicago for a speaking engagement at the City Club of Chicago and met with reporters. “I had a great relationship with them (NBC) but the network did not want me to submit my candidacy because they’d rather I commit to ‘The Aprentice’,” he told reporters.

Perhaps a bit of spin in that statement?

“With regard to my statements on immigration, which are correct, they (NBC) has taken a different position and that’s OK. I’ve had a great working relationship with the network,” he added.

Initially, NBC merely distanced themselves from the real estate mogul, issuing a statement that Trump’s opinions were his and his alone and not a representation of NBC’s, but with Trump’s candidacy, it made it easy for NBC to pull the plug, since the extra airtime could have been viewed as favoritism.

All the exposure is really giving Trump more publicity, and in the end, if NBC doesn’t run the highly successful ‘The Apprentice’, another cable network surely will.