Career with AXA Advisors LLC Takes Vincent Parascandola to the Next Level as Senior Financial Adviser

Vincent Parascandola is a financial advisor with the company AXA Advisors LLC., which primarily works with wealthy individuals of a very high net worth. Parascandola’s company operates out of New York City, New York where Parascandola currently works and resides. Vincent Parascandola is also an alumnus of Pace University – the Lubin School of Business where he received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

As the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors LLC., Vincent Parascandola’s responsibilities include taking responsibility for the growth and development of over 225 financial professionals in the Central New Jersey area. Responsibilities include recruiting and training new advisors to the firm to help ensure they are doing their jobs properly. Parascondola is also responsible for ensuring that the AXA Advisors company is making adequate profit margins as well. Some of the company’s locations include Woodbridge, Morrison, and Manasquan to name a few as the company also has branches in locations far-reaching as California and Hawaii.

Vincent Parascandola has also held other positions within the AXA Advisors LLC. Company including the President of the Continental Division, Central Division, and President of the Advantage Group to name a few other positions. These positions Parascandola held before molded him for the position of the Senior Financial Advisor within the company. Parascandola had various responsibilities while holding these positions including handling sales, recruiting new workers, ensuring the company was in compliance with laws, managing Human Resource resources, MGMT management, and providing employee training and operations. Parascandola also held responsibility for the productivity and profit margins of 46 various locations throughout the US as the Chief Sales Officer and President – Continental Division, which has prepared him for the vast responsibility of being a Senior Financial Advisor which is the position Parascandola holds today!

The Career Accomplishments of Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge serves at the USHEALTH Group Inc. as the chief executive officer and president. Recently, One Planet Awards awarded Troy McQuagge as the Gold CEO of the Year. This is a substantial achievement for Troy McQuagge who had previously received several prestigious awards.


Troy McQuagge has been serving at USHEALTH Group since 2014 after he joined the firm’s board of directors and became its CEO and President. While working with the firm, Troy McQuagge has been instrumental in providing strategic guidance to the enterprise, and under his tenure, the group has managed to benefit from sustainable growth and profitability for the past three years. Prior to this, Troy McQuagge worked as CEO and president of USHEALTH Advisors since 2010. He similarly witnessed the same success in his position by doubling the growth rate of the entity through his innovative strategies.

While working with the USHEALTH Advisors, Troy McQuagge managed to design a proprietary agency platform, which transformed the firm into being the largest entities in the health insurance industry with a coverage of “Under 65” segment. Troy McQuagge has additionally worked at HealthMarket for over 11 years and was also later the president agency marketing group of the firm.


Troy McQuagge holds a Bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the renowned University of Central Florida. He possesses hands-on expertise and experience in insurance and sales. Besides business, Troy McQuagge is also actively engaged with several voluntary agencies such as HopeKids Phoenix, HopeKids Dallas, and Phoenix of New Orleans Crisis Nursery Phoenix. Aside from health, Troy McQuagge features a keen and extensive interest in human rights, and children matter in addition to disaster and humanitarian relief.


In a briefing, Troy McQuagge posited that he was delighted and honored to receive the award. Furthermore, he added that the award belonged to his USHEALTH Group colleagues. Troy McQuagge marked this award as a shred of evidence to the commitment that USHEALTH Group possesses to develop affordable and better health care solutions for its diverse clients in the nation. Additionally, Troy McQuagge hinted that he and his colleagues are utilizing an innovative approach to developing a better coverage for their clientele, which will soon be introduced to the market.


Christanna Bevin’s Impressive Resume

A graduate of the Australian Institute of Business, Christanna Bevin has put together a career and resume that is worth of high praise. Throughout her respected career she has worked for UGL Limited, Stork and Parsons Brinckerhoff. She has held a number of very high and respected positions including Project Specialist in a handful of companies. Over the years she h, as been responsible for a lot of work and has accomplished some very amazing tasks.


Christanna Bevin served as the project controls manager at Chelopech Mining EAD in Bulgaria. In this role Bevin was in charge of project controls and commercial management. Bevin also was in charge of the contracts for this small but effective group. She had a large number of other responsibilities including producing monthly cost and progress reports, working on the expansion of control systems and predicting future trends for the company.


During the mid 2000’s Christanna Bevin worked at Consulting and Contract Support. This proved to be a very productive time in her life. Her dedication and tremendous commitment became very transparent during this time. Her list of responsibilities at this job included customer service, specialist controls, and auditing.


Just a few years later in 2010, Bevin continued in a new direction. At this time Bevin became the Senior Project Controls Manager at Oakjee Port and Rail. At this position she managed and supervised a relatively small team on n PSMC. She was also integral in developing controls systems which included training and development of team personnel along with expansion.


Over the years Christanna Bevin has built a resume that is quite impressive. She is currently a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management along with the Project Management Institute. She continues to shine in almost everything that she does. Every task she takes on she does with excellence and determination.


Todd Lubar: A Real Estate Professional and Talented Startup Developer

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur and advertising expert who currently lives in Maryland with his family. Lubar serves as the head of TDL Global Ventures LLC. Lubar has gained experience in marketing, developing investment strategies, and advertising.


Todd Lubar’s academic and work background


Todd Lubar is a former student of Sidwell Friends School and The Peddie School. He obtained his degree in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Lubar ventured into the real estate business. He acquired a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he learned the art of mortgage banking for four years. During this time, he interacted with insurance and real estate agents from various companies.


In 1999, he obtained a job at Legacy Financial Group. At Legacy Group, Lubar was in charge of issuance of loans to investors in the mortgage business. Having gained adequate experience in mortgage financing, Lubar established a company called Legendary Properties, LLC in 2002. This company focused on purchasing, selling of properties, and property rehabilitation. After the economy had suffered depression, his business survived enabling him to launch his second company in 2003. His new company, Charter Funding, was a division of the First Magnus Financial Corporation.


A decade later, Lubar launched Legendary Financial LLC, a subsidiary of Legendary Properties, LLC. This new establishment offered loans to firms and individual clients. Lubar held the position of president at Legendary Financial and steered the company to the top of mortgage banking sector. In 2008, Lubar ventured into automotive scrap metal recycling business.


Todd Lubar’s role at TDL Global Ventures LLC


Lubar was recently appointed as the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC. Having been in real estate business for close to two decades, he has the experience needed to run activities at this franchise. Aside from managing the company activities, Lubar will provide consulting services to investors in various forms of businesses. Lubar has handled over 700 mortgage transactions in his career. His composed negotiation abilities make him efficient when it comes to decision making and analyzing risks in business transactions.

Keith Mann Teaches Businessmen How To Remain Productive

Keith Mann has explained many times over how to help business grow, and he offered an interview where he explained what it means to be a productive man in the office every day. He takes quite a few tasks on his plate every day, and this is a telling of how he believes one may become even more productive.


#1: Making Time For Oneself


Keith believes that all people in business must make time for themselves, and that includes being around their families. He recently took his children to a cooking class that he thought was quite a lot of fun, and it helped him to relax before he went back into the office. This is one way he believes anyone may become productive as they manage their stress levels.


#2: Keeping Ideas Flowing


His business is built on ideas, and Keith Mann wants all his readers to understand that ideas do not stop or die. The business must be prepared to offer as many different new ideas as possible every day, and it must continue to send out ideas that will help clients improve. A static office does not make money, and it does not grow.


#3: Staffing Properly


Keith has been careful to hire only the best people, and he looks for a fit that will ensure everyone is happy at work. He once found someone in his office was not a good fit, and they parted ways for both their sakes. He makes a point of saying this was a fine man with talent, and the two simply did not match up. Another business may thrive with this person, and Keith believes that every worker must be in the job they are supposed to be in without being forced to stay.


The business career of Keith Mann has been quite stellar as he has grown Dynamic Search Partners into one of the best firms in the city. He is a committed man of New York, and he offers quite a lot of community service to those in need. His business is efficient and successful because he uses simple wisdom to lead.

The SEC Whistleblower Protection Program’s Formation and its Functions

The informants of the Securities and Exchange Commission currently receive protection from a program that was formed in 2010. The creation of the plan was facilitated by the Congress’ enactment of the Consumer Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform. The changes that the legislations made in the finance sector were the first that had been enforced since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act was the main law that led to the formation of the whistleblower protection program. The regulations that have been set by the plan demand that job security and a financial reward should be offered to any individual who assists the SEC in uncovering company undertakings that violate the state and federal securities laws.


The United States has many law companies that have been created to offer legal representation to the SEC’s informants. The Labaton Sucharow is one of them, and it was the first firm to start offering the service. It has specialized in plaintiff representation for the past 50 years and began providing legal representation to the whistleblowers in 2010. The firm has a competent workforce and a highly organized system that it uses in filling litigations. Its employees understand the enforcement of the securities legislations, and they include internal detectives, forensics professionals, and financial analysts.


The company is currently being led by Jordan A. Thomas to provide top notch representation to its clients. He is an excellent attorney who has sufficient experience in the field. Mr. Thomas is a former employee of the SEC. He worked as the deputy director of the organization and also served in its Department of Enactment as a deputy principal litigation counsel. The SEC recognizes him for being part of the people who helped in the drafting and enactment of the whistleblower protection program.


The informants’ security program motivates the public to offer information to the SEC by providing a monetary reward, which is 10-30 percent of the fines that are paid as a result of the intelligence that they provided. The Commission also ensures that its sources are assured of employment security. The Dodd-Frank Act outlaws the embarrassment of whistleblowers by their employees.


The SEC considers the security of its informants, and therefore, it advises them to conceal their identity when consulting for the first time. It also permits them to be represented by an attorney for them to stay anonymous. The organization is accessible by anyone, and it offers translators for people who cannot speak English.

Helane Morrison’s Struggle With the Corporate World

Though the reputation of the business world has been rather dubious for some time, it’s the first decade and a half of the 21st century that has brought with it a new wave of skepticism surrounding all it does. With new scrutiny, it takes people with an eye for analysis to make sense of, and attempt to address the problems that come from this sector of the economy.

Helane Morrison, whose worked both in journalism and in the government, has made a career of addressing corruption in the interest of the vulnerable. After recessions triggered in 2008 during the subprime mortgage crisis, and the continued expositions of corruption in business, Morrison has earned increased visibility for her career in corporate investigations, especially in making sense of corruptible litigation that allow corporations to skirt around the law.

Morrison got her start in law with the firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986 through 1991, at which point she was elevated to the position of partner and continued on until 1996. During her time there, she focused mostly on corporate law.

After practice law for a private firm, Morrison went on to work the government. Working with the US Securities and Exchange’s San Francisco office, Morrison investigate instances of fraud in trading a securities sectors and exposing them in order to lead the offenders to a proper investigations. She did this in the defense of private individuals and financial communities that were the victims of practices from larger, more reckless corporate bodies that engage in business with little thought to the consequences of their actions. Morrison often acted as representation for the SEC before moving on to head enforcement of its rules. During her eight years with the SEC, Morrison went from District Administrator to Regional Director, stretching her enforcement jurisdiction beyond San Francisco throughout the American northwest.

Putting her time with the government a law firms behind her, Helane Morrison turned to the private sector once again. Morrison is the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is a member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association
Aside from her professional career, Morrison is a a frequent orator on legal issues in respect to investments and private funds to various venues across the country. Morrison is also a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation in California.

Talk Fusion: Cutting Edge Talk Tech At A Fair Price

If you have or even haven’t been keeping up with current technology, you’ve probably noticed there are screens on everything. They even have some technology coming that is touch screen furniture. Like I said, it’s everywhere. Communication is no different in this respect. Calls have quickly become synonymous with video for business owners. There is a much more personable feel when you are able to see who you’re speaking to.

Very much aware of this fact is a company by the name of Talk Fusion. They are a cutting edge video communication business that delivers the goods. They are responsible for producing some of the best social networking and video broadcasting products you can buy. The ability to prerecord your video and then upload it is the biggest neat factor. All you do is open up your personal Talk Fusion portal, scroll around to the desired video and upload it. Boom. Done. You can then create a video email for your contact to view in all it’s glory.

You can even add your own graphics to the mix if you like, for some extra flair. Don’t have any graphics or ideas? That’s fine too. Talk Fusion has a library of pre-rendered graphics to choose from. Whichever options you choose for you package determines how many emails you can send at a time. If you have a small business go small. If your on the larger scale end,you can have thousands at a time go out. It’s versatility is another thing that makes the deal attractive. The initial startup cost is $175 and then you pay $20 a month after that. This is the basic package with 1000 emails and videos up to 5 minutes in length.

With the video being built into the email, you click the embedded video and there it is. It starts immediately for the contact to view. There is more to the service than I have page to tell you. If you want the best way to keep in touch for your business, Talk Fusion has you covered.

Reasons Why 2016 May Be a Better Year for Investors Than Last Year

The year 2015 was not among the best and favorable for stock markets. Though the year started on a positive path with good prospects, it turned around in the mini-crash of the august-September. The investor’s attitude towards the markets changed decreasing significantly. As the market showed the signs of improvement in the last quarter of the year, the oil prices became a new fear factor. The prices of oil feel toward their lowest. The oil price worsened investor’s attitude toward the already crippled stock markets.

Market analysts and experts like Goldman Sachs and others projected the price of oil to fall even further. The significance of petroleum price to stock values triggered a decrease in the investment due to the increase in uncertainty and risk. The effects of this theory could have an enormous impact on other sectors of the economy and the world in general.

The problem with the last year’s misfortunes is set to transit to the New Year. Investors fear that 2016 might also be uninspiring like its previous year. On the contrary, the market analysts and prognosticators think otherwise. Although they are not as confidence with the new year owing to an unpromising, 2015, they suggest 2016 may be full of surprises. The new could be prosperous as the stock markets are favorable. The experts argue the shift to investors to the worry side of the pendulum could trigger the possibility of real gains arising from countermove swing. The investors are set to buy or invest in safe stocks that appear to pay special dividends and are conservatively valued. The impact will be a changed attitude by the investor to more active making the stock market grow significantly.

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital investments firm. He has a strong background in market analysis and experience in management. Jim is certified accountant and financial analyst. Capital firms are set to shift their strategies to maximize their returns in the New Year.

According to the market analysts, the stock markets affect the other sectors of the economy and cuts across various countries across the globe. The Highland capital management has diversified such risk by venturing in alternative sectors of the economy. Jim’s Highland Capital is the leading investor in health care investment. Although the oil prices have a significant impact on stock markets, these sectors offer safe investments for investors.

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CipherCloud Provides More Secure Server Space

CipherCloud has built itself up as a full-service cloud storage firm that helps every customer hide their most precious files. The cloud storage created by CipherCloud is backed up by security software created by the company for its customers. Each client at CipherCloud is given an account with a dashboard that helps them understand their cloud servers, and the security is overseen in the CipherCloud home office. This article explains how CipherCloud makes cloud security simpler and more secure.

#1: Each Cloud Is Custom Made

The cloud servers at CipherCloud are custom made for each client. The clients who need small amounts of space may request tiny clouds that are easy to use, but large companies may request massive cloud servers that are easy to manage. Each client has the exact amount of space they need, and CipherCloud sees to it that each customer is pleased with their experience.

#2: Incredible Security

CipherCloud uses security procedures that are designed to help companies avoid embarrassing breaches that have brought down other companies in the past. Companies that lose secure data from their websites are hit with lawsuits, lost customers and lost revenue. More recent security breaches have brought to light the need for secure online storage spaces, and CipherCloud ensures that each customer gets the security they need.

#3: Frequent Reports

The reports given to each customer by CipherCloud explain how their security is working to their advantage. Each report shows the security breaches that were prevented, the customer may ask questions about each breach and the customer may request upgrades to their own security. Monthly reports help customers understand the extent of the security they have purchased, and the reports may become part of the records of each customer.

#4: Simple Technology

The technology used at CipherCloud is simple for customers to understand, and each customer is free to ask questions of the staff in the CipherCloud. The CipherCloud staff is happy to help customers understand the technology they have purchased, and the technology information can be found on the CipherCloud home page. Every customer working with CipherCloud need not be a technology expert, but the technology experts at CipherCloud ensure that each customer is educated about their cloud server, their security and their package.

CipherCloud is a wonderful company that specializes in cloud servers and security procedures. Security for each cloud server is slightly different, and the CipherCloud staff will make adjustments to each account as needed. Customers may hide away the files that they deem most important, and the CipherCloud staff will watch over each to ensure its safety. Businesses that are concerned about their own security must use technology from CipherCloud to prevent costly and embarrassing breaches.