Dr. Imran Haque Can Help You With Anything

Dr. Imran Haque is an internal medicine specialist. He has a couple of offices in North Carolina. Dr. Haque has 15 years of experience in internal medicine. He has worked with many hospitals and owns his own private practice, Horizon Internal Medicine. Dr. Imran Haque opened his office to serve the residents of North Carolina with the best possible medical care.

Dr. Imran Haque studied at and graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana. Dr. Imran Haque also studied at and graduated from the University of Virginia. He got his license to operate in North Carolina and has since become one of the most qualified and well renowned internal medicine specialists in North Carolina.

Horizon Internal Medicine is famous in North Carolina. It is well known that Dr. Haque and his team provide the best possible care. Not only are they well equipped with the best equipment and technology, and not only do they have a team with the best experience and education, but the team at Horizon Internal Medicine is known for treating patients with a unique mix of experience, empathy, and dedicated compassion. Many people in North Carolina travel all the way to Horizon Internal Medicine to be treated by Dr. Haque and his team.

Dr. Haque offers a wide range of services. He can treat all sorts of illnesses, including pneumonia and diabetes. He can do regular check-ups. Dr. Imran Haque can also do cosmetic procedures.

For example, Dr. Haque offers 360 resurfacing. 360 resurfacing is a type of laser skin treatment that rejuvenates the skin. It is used to treat many conditions and to improve the skin’s cosmetic appearance. When it comes to 360 resurfacing, you need to make sure that you are being treated by someone who is dedicated to making every detail count and who has the right experience. Dr. Imran Haque’s patients are confident in the success of the procedures.

Another thing that Dr. Haque can treat is weight management. He can treat weight gain by prescribing various exercises and diet plans.

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