George Soros Takes it to the Republicans

In this world, there are movers and there are shakers. Of those movers and shakers, there are those who strike fear into the heart of their opposition. One such person is the one known as the boogeyman of the right, George Soros.

George Soros has always been a left leaning liberal since his days working as a rail porter and waiter while putting himself through the London School of Economics. After leaving here, he would grow a hedge fund called Soros Fund Management. Managing this fund would bring his net worth to $25.2billion. George Soros would use this money to become an absolute pain in the side of Republicans everywhere and read full article.

George Soros has been an ardent enemy of the right and an ally of the left for as long as he has been alive. In the year 2004, Soros made it his sword duty to do everything in his power to stop George W. Bush from staying in the presidency. To accomplish this end, Soros donated a record breaking $27 million to the Democratic Party, mainly John Kerry’s campaign and learn more about George Soros.

After Kerry’s loss, Soros returned to the drawing board to see what he could do to stop the Republican agenda. When George W. Bush left office, Soros found the candidate that he would back. Originally wanting to back Clinton, he decided to back the Senator from Illinois, Barrack Obama. After donating millions, he soured on Barrack Obama for not pushing a liberal enough agenda and apologized to his longtime friend Clinton for not helping her gain the presidency and George Soros lacrosse camp.

Once Barrack Obama left office, Soros decided he would back Clinton. This became even fiercer when Soros realized that Trump might actually win the election.

Soros is a staunch enemy of Trump. He hates Trump and everything Trump stands for. He vowed to keep that mentally unstable fool out of the white house. Soros turned to Clinton and donated $25 million to her and several other Democratic causes. During that election season, Soros donated $1.5 million to boost democratic senators. Of course, we now know that Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the historic election and this infuriated Soros. Since Soros could not get Trump out of office, he would make things as hard as he could for him on the ground  and Follow his Twitter.

Soros began donating and organizing events that would derail the Trump presidency. The day after Trump took office, there was a peaceful protest march of passionate people, organized by Soros, wearing pink hats in honor of women’s rights.

Soros has given money to the super Pac Planned Parenthood Votes, Immigrant Voters Win, and American Bridge 21st Century, a super Pac geared toward targeting Republican candidates through fact checking research and more information click here.

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James Dondero and his Career Journey

James Dondero works at Highland Capital management, a company he co-founded and serves as its President. He is currently based in Dallas, Texas. James has lots of experience when it comes to equity and credit markets that normally focus on distressed and high yielding investments. Since its inception, Highland capital management has been in the fore front when it comes to the development of credit-oriented solutions and collateralized loan obligation that target retail as well as institutional investors across the world. Apart from his position in Highland Capital management, James Dondero serves as the Chair at the Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical.
James Dondero is part of the board membership at the American banknote and MGM Studios. He is also an active philanthropist who has been involved in supporting different initiatives when it comes to veteran affairs, education and public policy. In the past, James Dondero served as the Chief Investment Officer at GIC subsidiary of Protective Life where he managed to lead the company in achieving great success and expansion. The career journey of James Dondero started when he went to serve as an analyst at the Morgan Guaranty training program. He attended the University of Virginia where he managed to earn his bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance with the highest honors.
The co-founder of Highland capital management is also a management accountant who is established. He is also privileged to use the Chartered Financial Analyst Designation. His skills and experience have played a big role when it comes to the success of all the companies he has worked with. According to an article published by the PRNewswire, James Dondero was appointed recently to serve as a member of the Executive Board at Southern Methodist University in the Cox School of Business. For a long time, Highland Capital management has shown its commitment to the programs that are offered at the Southern Methodist University. The company has shown its support to the Tower Scholars, a program that was started so as to encourage and recognize the academic and professional pursuits when it comes to the public policy.

OSI Group Global Expansion Attracts Strong Entrepreneurial Partnerships

In business, global expansion calls for a lot of dedication. In fact, it is not a project for the faint hearted. This is a crucial business strategy that must be handled diligently. Global expansion extends the services of a business to international level. It is one of the best ways a business can grow its portfolio as well as the client base. That is the story of OSI Group, a private business that produces and supplies meat based products. OSI Group has been operating for over 40 years.


With a long history of growth and expansion, OSI Group has managed to delve into international markets with the aim of production. The company produces excellent goods that range from beef, vegetables as well as pizza and sauces. One defining factor for OSI Group is its ability to focus on producing healthy foods. With the head office in Illinois, OSI Group initiates excellent service provision through appropriate service delivery as well as leadership. Often, OSI Group has concentrated on expanding the business by reaching out to international markets.


Many would agree that a business flourishes upon excellent leadership. With excellent leadership, OSI Group has been able to achieve much. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin are the two defining leaders who have reshaped the company and its structure. Through the duo, OSI Group is able to expand its operations to international markets. A good example of how OSI Group has expanded its operations is its services to international markets is Lavin’s explanation on how the company can thrive on successful resources to expand business.


Having established a plant in Beijing, OSI Group started supplying food to fast food restaurants. About 16 years into the establishment of this firm, OSI Group is now serving eateries with beef, pork, eggs as well as chicken. One of the events in which OSI Group managed to serve food is the Beijing Olympics. To make it better, there were no customer complaints in regards to the taste or quality of food.

Pushing For Growth

David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. He is a leader who understands the importance of growing the company to a huge capacity. Through his leadership skills, OSI Group receives developmental projects that pitch its services to the world. David initiates partnerships that massively contribute to the development of market niche across the world. With appropriate leadership as well as guidance, OSI Group is inclined towards progress and growth. Perhaps OSI Group is where it currently is because the leaders have reshaped the company’s structure to lead in business.

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Rick Smith: The Respected President of Securus Technologies

Back in 2008, the current Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies Richard Falcone passed the mantle to Mr. Rick Smith. Today, Rick Smith has chosen to follow the former CEO steps since he has a great set of skills. He boasts of a track record that was set straightforward after landing in Securus Technologies. He has held many positions in the Securus technologies that have helped him scale up his experience market. His last job before joining Securus was at Eschelon Telecom, and he had been a CEO too. In at least nine years, he managed to grow the revenue of the company significantly. His academic qualifications are worth noting for he holds a Bachelor degree of science in Electrical engineering. Additionally, he has a Master’s degree in the mathematics discipline.

Securus Technologies is an American Prison-based Company in Texas which was founded in1986. It also has other offices in Georgia too. The company has managed to employ close to a 1,000 people and are reported to have contracts exceeding 2,600 people. The company has managed to serve more than 2,200 correctional facilities both in the United States and Canada. In July 2016, the company announced having invested more than $600 million in both technologies and patents for around three years. Rick Smith has been credited for the boost in the profit of this firm. Many people who have experience of any Securus service believes that Rick is the right man for the job. His drive and focus have been one of a kind, and this has helped the company surge forward and has been named as the best leader present in the correctional industries today.

His success has been attributed to the companies he worked for before such as telecommunications and business development. Other enterprises that have helped him reach the standards he is in include the Global Crossing in North America where he was a controller and the chief of information.Today, Securus Technologies is considered as one of the strongest technology firms in the United States. Every week, product development proposals are usually released to help in law enforcement. Additionally, the proposals also aid in solving crimes in the correctional facilities and prevent more problems which are birthed in the present day society. Rick Smith recently reported how Securus Technologies was receiving a good number of letters and emails. Most of them contained appreciation reports of Securus Technologies was providing adequate services. The services have helped the society with the inclusion of the inmates be safer than the previous years before. Rick Smith also said that the building of safety in the DNA of the company is what Securus aims at in their everyday endeavors.

Preston Smith, Rocketship Education, Being a CEO, and What Lesson’s He’s Learned

Preston Smith formed Rocketship Education, a nexus of public charter schools teaching grades K-5, in 2007. With help from John Danner, a tech guru, Rocketship Education was birthed in one of the most innovative areas in the world: San Francisco’s Bay Area. Founded specifically in Redwood City, California, the group of charter schools are located in economically disadvantaged places around the United States, currently totaling 18 institutions as far west as California’s 12 facilities, east as the nation’s capital hosting 2 schools, north as Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s 2 locations, and even three in Music City – formally known as Nashville, Tennessee.

Having assumed the role of chief executive officer in early 2013, Preston Smith has learned a number of things in his ten years at Rocketship Education. Let’s dig deeper into these things, which Smith detailed in an article available to the public earlier this year, in May of 2017.

Parents should boast about their children being enrolled in public schools, particularly Rocketship Education. While not every public school’s educational standards match that of their private counterparts – in actuality, most don’t even hold a flame to private school’s rigidity – Rocketship Education is unarguably one of the top public schools in the United States. Its students often score very high on standardized tests, those that measure how well particular schools have instructed their students.

Administrators and teachers must bring in the opinions of others, whether they’ve been involved in education outside of being a student, or not. School employees, even those of Rocketship Education, don’t always think from multiple viewpoints, as doing so without assistance is incredulously difficult. As such, Rocketship Education’s CEO Preston Smith encourages his administrators, in addition to the employees overseen by these admins, to listen to all sources of information, no matter who it’s sourced from.

Teachers need to be pliable in their instructional methodologies. Teachers that are not good at adopting new methods of teaching often have short tenures at Rocketship Education. These instructors are found by offering high salaries and interviewing teachers from all walks of life. Further, teachers also visit students’ homes every year, something that only open-minded teachers are able to effectively do.

Vijay Eswaran Outlines the Importance of Networking in Modern Business

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most prominent business entities based in Asia. For over three decades, Vijay Eswaran has worked to become part of the marketing solutions to many people and businesses.

Since he was still in college, his vision was to develop a working solution for those who are jobless to carry out their marketing solutions.

While his parents pushed him to get the formal education to set himself apart from the rest in business, he wanted to develop the most sophisticated business capability that achieved better results in the industry. Vijay Eswaran is now one of the few people who love to assimilate their entities in a way that does not capacitate poor business solutions.

When Vijay Eswaran was in college, he was introduced into the multi-lateral marketing solutions. However, he did not have enough funds to connect with the business as it required external sources of funding. This made him work hard to develop a new system that oversaw a great amount of money for the business.

When he planned the business profile, he found out that the amount of money he had was hardly enough to market the business using various social media handles as well as television and print media. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

He decided to partner with other people in business for sources of funds. When he told them about the idea, all of them turned their backs on him. This made him more devastated.

However, he wanted to achieve more by working towards better business. He went in for a loan with his father’s property. While he didn’t know the destiny of his choices, Vijay Eswaran is now one of the richest people in the country.

Vijay Eswaran explains the key things you need to eliminate to become a working solution for many in this industry. For you to succeed, you need to overcome conditioning.

During his upbringing, it took Vijay Eswaran several years to overcome the upbringing notion. His parents always told him to work hard to get several jobs to be financially stable. However, that is not always the case. A bright mind will always see what is needed in business.

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Executive Chairman of QI Group Vijay Eswaran Talks Business and Philanthropy

Lori Senecal and What Intrigues Her

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is an ad agency in New York. The CEO of the company is Lori Senecal. Ever since she took the role of CEO in 2015, the company has made many gains. For example, the company has seen a twenty one percent increase in revenue. The company has made very good decisions due to the award winning guidance of Lori. For example, the company Kraft came out with products that were void of artificial ingredients. Crispin Porter + Bogusy advised Kraft to not talk too much about this decision, to avoid consumers being alienated. As reported by Forbes, this decision was only publicized once the products were successfully sold on the market. There is an app called Letgo which is for classified ads. For this app, Crispin Porter + Bogusky built a tool called the Commercializer. The purpose of this tool is to let users create TV-style spots for items that are being sold. The Commercializer has already been downloaded 45 million times.



Lori Senecal has spent more than ten years in the advertising business. Most of these years, she has worked in the Greater New York City area. She likes to start her day with a work out. She believes that this helps her to spawn ideas. She has meetings with her team to discuss issues affecting the ten offices of the company. Lori Senecal cannot completely say exactly what her day consists of, because every day is different. When asked what trend really intrigues her, she says that it is the trend of going from brand messaging to making brand actions. What is meant by this is that in the past, brands would tell consumers what they are about. However, now brands are actually taking actions to qualify their statements. She believes that this is a great thing that leads to people believing in a brand’s message.  Follow Lori on Twitter.



Ways To Prepare For Your Lifeline Screening Appointment

Too many people take their state of health for granted and they don’t visit a doctor much if at all. They reason that if they are feeling OK and have no symptoms that they are in relatively good health so why spend the time or money to see a doctor? The only problem with this model is that most of the more serious conditions that become serious problems start out with little to no symptoms.

That is why Lifeline Screening works so well. People can easily set up an appointment for screening for a day or two away and not have to spend the time of seeing their primary doctor to be referred to a testing facility. The doctor referral method can take weeks compared to a few days with Lifeline Screening. The pricing is very competitive too.

Lifeline Screening has screenings and tests that give indications of what is really going on in the body. Ultrasound lets doctors “see” under the skin and even allows the watching of the blood flow in arteries, helping to locate any potential blockage. Elecrocardiographing allows the locating of an irregular heartbeat which can cause blood clots, and stroke.

When you set your appointment, you will be told about any preparations you should take care of before you come. If you are going to have a blood test, you will be advised to fast for a 6 to 12 hour period before your test time depending on the screening you are going to have.

You should dress casually, with loose fitting clothing so you will be comfortable during your screenings. Women should wear slacks and a loosely fitted at the bottom blouse or top. Men can wear comfortable slacks and a sports shirt. You will be asked to lift up your top for certain tests such as electrocardiograph and the ultrasound screenings. You will at no time be asked to disrobe for the tests.

When you arrive at the Lifeline Screening Center, you will be given paperwork that will ask for your name, address, zip code, health history and the name of your doctor. The time spent is usually no more than an hour, and when you are finished you will be given a summary of the results to be given to your doctor.

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Dispelling Some Myths About End Citizens United

There are several advocacy groups that have been fighting for years to overturn the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court. But things really heated up in March 2015 when a new group came up on this scene. It is the End Citizens United PAC. It has a goal of overturning the controversial decision of the Supreme Court by getting more and more Democrats elected to the Congress.

This PAC launched itself with a highly aggressive strategy. It has been founded by three persons who are the former specialists for online fundraising and have worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They are running Mothership Strategies now which is a consulting firm. This indicates that they have a mindset that is focused on high-volume fundraising along with list-building. Now they are using this mindset for a cause that had been drawing just a few non-profits till now. James Bopp, The Bopp Effect, End Citizens United, Learn More

End Citizens United has a simple methodology to work. It sends out email solicitations and asks people to donate and become a founding member. In this way, the PAC is making efforts to stop the Republicans from using the campaign finance laws to their advantage. They say that effort is required to restore the Democracy, and this would start with a minimum contribution of $5.

This strategy of End Citizens United has been highly successful. They were able to raise $4 million last year. Most of this has come from small donations that have been collected online. Besides, their average contribution is $12 which shows the amount of trust and faith they have been able to garner.

The founders of End Citizens United are Greg Berlin, Jake Lipsett and Charles Starnes. All of them feel that huge amounts of political cash have been unleashed by Citizens United. Due to this, the Democratic Party agenda is facing a lot of problems. This is why End Citizens United is trying to elect Democrats who would be able to change that.

There are several ways to raise money in the political fundraising world. One of them is the buying of extensive lists of email addresses. These are now showered with requests for money. Once a list is exhausted, it is time to go on to the next one. This shows that nonprofits can build institutional relationships with their supporters through various actions.

Next is the organizing of protests and such other events, besides circulating petitions that would advocate pro or against the legislation. Thus the priority is the engagement at grass root level over the solicitation of money.

But money is also needed. People are donating to End Citizens United as they like the concept. Now this PAC has just taken off.

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A Look Into The Career Of Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey, Ph.D., is a mathematician who works at the Georgia Institute of Technology as a professor of mathematics. He first joined this institution in 1996. In 2004 his work with his colleague Xiachun Li resulted in his receiving a Guggenheim Fellowship. He also achieved one of his big career goals in 2012 when he joined the American Mathematical Society as a fellow.

It was in 1987 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that Michael Lacey earned his Ph.D. He earned this while under the direction of Walter Philip and his doctoral thesis was on probability in Banach spaces. In his thesis he provided an equation for the law of iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions. He has since his work to a number of other mathematical subjects such as harmonic analysis, probability, and ergodic theory. Learn more about Mike Lacey:

After earning his Ph.D., Michael Lacey landed a position at Louisiana State University. He then worked for a time at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, for a year as an assistant professor.

In 1989 Mike Lacey moved to Indiana for an assistant professor position at Indiana University, Bloomington. When he first joined the Georgia Institute of Technology he was an assistant professor. He became a full professor at this university in 2001.

Other honors that Michael Lacey has achieved during his academic career is being named a Simons Fellow in 2012. His strong teaching ability led to him earning the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award in 2012. In 2008 he earned a Fulbright Fellowship. Read more; Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

Another career achievement came in 1998 when he gave a nearly hour long speech at the International Congress of Mathematics which is held in Berlin, Germany.

Over the years Michael Lacey has worked in a number of short term or visiting teaching positions at a number of schools of higher learning. Among these is when he worked at the University of Minnesota in 2015 as their Ordway Professor, as well as a Wallenberg Fellow that same year in Lund, Sweden. In 2010 he taught as a visiting professor at Helsinki University and in 2011 he taught in Oslo, Norway at the Centre for Advanced Study.

Michael Lacey has written many articles and scientific papers on mathematics. Many of these have been written with others such as in 2015 when he teamed up with Dmitriy Bilyk to write, “Random Tessellations, Restricted Isometric Embeddings, and One Bit Sensing”.

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