Brian Bonar Encourages Exceptional Customer Service Among His Employees

Leading executive, Brian Bonar believes developing growth through promising
companies is essential to prospective business opportunities and
creativity. Currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of
Dalrada Financial, this renowned businessman is always actively
propelling both small and large corporations in order to expand his
portfolio of experiences while simultaneously contributing to the
prospective company’s bottom line. As an experienced director, Bonar
excels in implementing affordable and extremely effective business
solutions, which ultimately result in increased sales and
productivity. Moreover, his former leadership positions along with
extensive educational training have greatly impacted Dalrada
Financial’s philosophy: to provide exceptional business solution
programs to corporations worldwide. Most importantly, his admirable
expertise as a seasoned leader enables him to motivate his employees
to become outstanding figures in the business industry.

Presenting realistic financial assistance programs with an effective
and streamline strategy will definitely encourage most companies to
pursue Dalrada Financial’s unique services. Moreover, this prominent
business strives to offer customizable solution packages in order to
appeal to a variety of local and global corporations. For the most
effective results, Bonar always advises his new clients to outline
their goals and expectations to ensure maximum productivity by
employing the appropriate resources. In addition, the prospective
company should disclose former sales history and forthcoming order
projections which will allow Dalrada Financial representatives to
utilize the most effective package. Notably, Bonar believes open
communication is extremely imperative because the collaboration
ultimately facilitates increase sales.

An efficient client consultation should also discuss potential
financial and business solutions which will propel a company.
Moreover, these assistance programs usually vary with each company’s
goals and expectations. For example, a client who is interested in
combining a small and medium sized business will most likely benefit
from the mergers and acquisitions package which typically includes
guidance in due diligence, temporary staffing, and PEO (professional
employer organization). Conversely, a newly formed business may choose
to pursue a program which encompasses services like human resource
administration, employee benefits, worker’s compensation, and payroll
processing. Regardless of the chosen package, Dalrada Financial seeks
to develop coveted operations and essential business practices for a
variety of corporations.

Notably, Bonar (LinkedIn) hopes to inspire his employees and peers with his well
proven solution driven offerings. Because of the company’s competitive
packages, this prominent figure demands outstanding customer service
from each worker on the Dalrada Financial team. Since 1982 Dalrada
Financial has outsmarted their competitors by presenting unprecedented
business solution offerings to companies across the United States and
abroad. Their goal has always involved reducing business costs which
correspondingly increases sales and profitability. Most importantly,
the team proudly strives to improve each company’s bottom line which
ultimately results in happy customers.

The History of the North American Economy

The economy of the United States of America has existed long before settlers came for the purpose of conquering. Economy existed way before any “civilized” world touched on American soil. Economy was about bargaining and trading during the time of the Native Americans. There was no bank, no dollar, and no capital investor.

Ever since the colonization of the United States began, there has developed a new economy that is the form of stocks and bonds and currency. The economic performance, above all, has been affected by the progress in technology, as well as the distribution of Federal power.

From the 1600s to the day of the U.S. independence, Britain had control over the U.S. economy. Importing and exporting was what drove the economy of the east coast. The economy during this period, in the United States, was based upon farming. Grain, corn, rice and other products were all sold to boost the local economy to promote wealth.

After the Revolutionary War, the first bank was created in the United States of America in 1791. Wars during this time both strengthened and weakened the U.S. economy. by the 19th century, transportation, textile manufacturers, and the cotton gin made a huge impact by boosting the economy through the industrial revolution. Labor, roads, canals, railroads, and many more industrial made items helped increase the power of the North American economy.

In present day, the United States economy relies heavily on imported goods from China, Brazil, Mexico, and many other countries. With the westernization of the world, the United States only exports a little bit of the world’s oil, cars, as well as Space Craft technology.

By 2008, the world’s economy had popped. The housing market was especially affected. The solution was signed in 2009, when President Obama signed a bill that would attempt to stimulate the economy through tax cuts as well as spending. This economic crises, though had recovered, never recovered fully. over 58 percent of the jobs that were recovered were minimum wage jobs.

It is the current job of American economists to boost the economy and to increase the value of out currency. Economists such as Christian Broda are trained heavily in the art of social science in the branch of economics. What an economist does is try and solve the economic problems through developing and testing theories. This includes testing theories from past economists as well as developing their own.

Christian Broda is an Argentine who has extensive experience with the subject of economics. He is currently at Capital Management and is testing several theories for the purpose of strengthening the Argentine economy. Ever since the recession in 2008, Broda has been creating, developing, and testing theories to boost the economy.

Kenneth Griffin’s Success, Politics and Work Ethic

Ken Griffin is a billionaire who saved Citadel from going out of business due to critical lows during the Great Recession. While he was at it, he also very aggressively pushed to diversify its clientele base. He did all this while going through a bitter divorce that was making the front headlines of just about every newspaper in Chicago at the time. In 2015, Citadel is getting to see it’s 25th anniversary and Kenneth recently sat down for an interview with The Wall Street Journal’s Rob Copeland about his investing habits, the markets and politics of today.

Griffin told Copeland that first, he had to develop a thick skin against what is said about him in the media-i.e. not take the attacks too personally and to not be too quick to flatter whenever they said something good about him. Like many others, he did not foresee the failure of 2008 so when it occurred, he had to fight back for three years to make up for losses that Citadel had experienced within a 16-week period.

For the most part, Griffin chooses to stay behind the scenes to making himself into a major public figure. The main reasons that he gives for this is lacking in Tom Cruise’s attractive appearance and not having a need for being a newspaper or magazine page-filler. As far as his personal political views are concerned, he claims that he does not lean toward being Republican or Democrat and argues that we “don’t need another Clinton and we don’t need another Bush.”. He has donated millions to support both Republican Bruce Rauner’s Illinois governor campaign and Democrat Rahm Emanuel’s campaign for mayor of Chicago.

When asked how Citadel is doing business differently than it did a decade ago, Griffin mentions an employee they recently hired due to his background of routing calls from’s call center. Griffin believes that the mathematical techniques used by their call center will continue to benefit Citadel now and in the future.

When asked about a possible alternative name for calling Citadel a “hedge fund” company, Griffin said that the phrase simply holds its historical value for him personally. He answered that Citadel is simply there to help their investors become financially abundant in good time and hopes that it will be possible for them to do so in challenging times as well.

When Copeland finally asked Griffin about his work ethic-specifically why Griffin is still working now when he’s already a billionaire several times over-Griffin answered that his work simply helps him grow on the whole. He also mentioned that taking only a two days off from work is the limit of his comfort zone.

Hiring an Economist

The professional title of “Economist” varies widely in substance. The generally accepted academic designation for the term is confined to a person who is educated in social science, with a focus on economics. In practice, economists perform a wide range of functions. Some economists are focused strictly on theory and research. Some provide analytical data to other financial professionals in the marketplace. Still others work in government and public sector positions, translating technical data into statements that will be more meaningful to the general population. Regardless of the specific type of economist we are referring to, when we use the term, they play a key role in keeping our society’s economy running smoothly.

Economists require specialized degrees in the science. Most major universities have economics department, many with advanced degree programs available. In the private sector, there is no professional certification required of an economist. In an academic environment, a Ph.D is generally required to qualify as an economist. The US Federal government requires a specific set of courses be completed, as part of a candidate’s degree program. State and local governments vary in their requirements. In the absence of government mandated certification requirements, the best method of determining an economists qualifications is to consider their educational and professional experience.

Some economists, such as Christian Broda, have worked in both academic and private sector settings. This crossover of professional experience is very desirable as it indicates diverse expertise in a variety of specialties. Mr. Broda is currently working in New York, as a private sector economist and financial expert. Prior to this, he served as a Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Christian Broda is a primary example of an economist that carries a high-level of competence in many areas of economics.

Not every economist can be as diverse as Christian Broda. When engaging a professional economist for any type of work it is important to understand their qualifications as they relate to the specific work in question. An economists may have experience in some private industry, but no previous work in government or academic environments may indicate a lack of formal education. It is best to verify that such a candidate has completed a satisfactory level of course work. The reverse may be true of a professional who has only worked in government or academic settings. Prudence dictates that someone who has never worked in the private sector should be vetted with an extensive, practical interview process. The best case scenario is to identify and engage the most diverse, well educated candidate that is available.

The Life and Career of Christian Broda, an Established Economist

Christian Broda is an established economist and a distinguished business leader. Despite his humble beginnings in Argentina, Christian has worked hard over the years and achieved immense success, both academically and professionally. Presently, this economic scholar is the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management firm that is based in New York City. Christian grew up in Argentina and attended the University of San Andreas where he graduated with a BA degree in economics. Christian subsequently moved to the United States where he attended the prestigious MIT University for his MBA and Ph.D. degrees in economics. He has written numerous academic papers and journals many of which are renowned white papers quoted by professors across America. Christian Broda was at one time a professor of economics at Chicago Booth.

As an economics professor, Christian Broda focused his research on various issues including international trade, macroeconomics, and finance. He is today a renowned member of the National Bureau of Economic Research where he serves as a faculty research fellow. Christian is also a respected editor at the Journal of Development Economics. He is, therefore, a well-educated economics professor and respected business leader. Some of his works have indeed been published in respected magazines such as the American Economic Review.

Christian has also won a couple of awards. He was awarded the National Science Foundation grant in 2005 and 2008 to support his research work. He was also named the James S Kemper Foundation Scholar from 2006 to 2008. Due to his competence, Christian highly sought for by many organizations. He is a respected member of the Society for Economic Dynamics, Latin America and Caribbean Economic Association, and the Econometric Association among many others. The scholar’s memberships to these organizations as well as his winning of prestigious awards are all based on merit and hard work.

Christian Broda later joined Duquesne Capital Management, where he is currently the managing director, a position he has held for a couple of years. Previously, the economist was a project manager at the same firm for a few years before getting a promotion. During his tenure as managing director, Christian has frequently worked with a number of start-ups and has helped to establish hedge fund start-up firms. His mastery of international trade and finance makes him an excellent manager at this finance and capital company. Prior to joining this firm, Christian worked as a tenured professor of economics at the University of Chicago.

The established Economics Scholar, Christian, has also worked at many other prestigious firms, including Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital where he served as the chief international economist and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he worked at the international research department for five years. He continues to be an NBER Faculty member. Christian has held this position since 2006. Apart from his professional and academic life, Christian is also a family man. He is married, and him together with his wife are blessed with two sons. Christian lives with his family in New York City where he also carries out his official duties.

The Growing New Jersey Real Estate Market


When we take a look at the New Jersey real estate market, we find that there are many different aspects of this market that make it a successful one. There are many different development companies that really help to make the New Jersey real estate market what has become today. By looking to these real estate development companies, we can find that there are great amounts of success that can be attributed to certain companies. Boraie Development is just one of these companies that can be looked to. This development company has really shined as one of the greatest development companies in the New Jersey market. 

Boraie Development has really helped to bring the New Jersey real estate market to the next level in retail, commercial, and residential real estate. The Aspire is a great example of a building that has brought value to not only the real estate market of New Jersey, but the people of New Jersey as well. This luxury apartment complex has given individuals the ability to live in an environment that really adds to the quality of their life. This building also adds the overall class and status of the entire city. 

The New Jersey real estate market is expected to boom over the next decade and development companies like Boraie Development LLC are partially responsible for this upturn in the real estate market. The overall upturn in the stock market is also an attributing factor to the success of the New Jersey real estate market as well. There are many homebuyers who have much greater confidence now that the overall market is doing much better. New Jersey is a very popular place to live and it is easy to see why. The booming local economy is great for business owners and career professionals. There is a great deal of growth to take place in the New Jersey stock market, and it will be very exciting to see this all take place.

Contemplating Investment Banking Firms

The investments of a company can have a huge impact upon its future, therefore many seek out the assistance of an investment banking firm to reach financial goals. There are several characteristics to be aware of when choosing the best firm to work with. For investment decisions, the goals of the company must be recognized and well-though-out, as well as examining the status and background of several firms. Understanding the type of association needed is vital all firms offer different types of services, plus every client’s needs are unique from the next.

As requirements and objectives are determined, several investment banking firms and their services must be deliberated upon. These may include a review of a firm’s financial records, marketing processes and other crucial areas. Obviously references will guide you, while reviewing market performances of the past few years during times of market fluctuations.

Ensure discussions regarding investment strategies are completed, as well as the process for risk assessments and overall contingency accounts. Also time must be spent to analyze the firm’s results with various companies they are involved with, in order to equate it with other banking firms which work in similar markets, provided for similar services.

As goals of a company differ, most however are searching to increase its profits, keep loss at a minimum and make the most out of opportunities. Madison Street Capital, a global investment firm dedicates itself to bringing the most reliable services which includes merger proficiency and a wealth of financial corporate services to those businesses that are privately and publicly held. With offices in Asia, Africa and North America, this Chicago, Illinois firm is a leader in the financial area of advising, appraisal, merger and acquisition (M&A) services.

Truly dedicated, Madison makes it a point to study client’s sole needs in order to select the perfect match from seller to buyer. As they begin the relationship with a new client, information is shared as they grasp the best stock trades, opportunity and sales. Madison is aware of each and every investor they work with, ultimately selecting a firm that will fulfill client goals. The connection that a client has with their firm will govern the satisfaction they receive long term. While financial needs can change over a period, profiles will usually be consistent.

It is vital that a client or organization put in the needed time to obtain the above information to simplify overall financial success. It takes a dynamic professional group to deliver results that are above and beyond expectations. Working with an established firm (such as with Madison Street Capital) enables additional assistance if the situation calls form. A little work can create an unbelievable journey!

Haidar Barbouti – Captain of The Houston Real Estate Industry

Magnate Of The Houston Real Estate Industry says the Houston Real estate industry is one of the booming businesses in the present day. Haidar Barbouti is one of the businessmen whom has been profiting from the recent boom in Houston real estate. On Westheimer Road, Haidar Barbouti has recently created a new shopping development called Highland Village which provides retail space for many well-known tenants. This retail space is designed to provide the tenants with the space that they need to expand and grow their businesses.

Experienced Leader in The Real Estate Business

Haidar Barbouti has 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. With those 20 years of experience, he has built many different office buildings and other properties in the United States. Haidar Barbouti also attended Columbia University for his education. His shopping centers have attracted attention from some of the biggest names in retail and hospitality. He is passionate about causes related to animal rights, and believes that every animal deserves a home. The Highland Village shopping center also has a pet adoption center which matches homeless pets with loving homes and is staffed by volunteers. He is a native of Houston, and cares very much about the needs of the local community.

Restaurant Owner With Unique Philosophy on Dining

Haidar Barbouti also owns a restaurant in the shopping center which he owns. This is a restaurant which provides first-class dining. His philosophy behind dining is that the experience should be based on what the customer wants, rather than what he wants to provide for the customer. He has tasted every item on the menu, and has designed it to be more in line with traditional tastes. This decision to shy away from trends such as organic food or highly-decorated food is has allowed Up to be one of the most popular restaurants in Houston.

Revitalized and Developed Highland Village Shopping Center

The Highland Village Shopping Center was originally built in the 1940s by S.N. Adams, a native of Scotland. The Apple store location is only one of two in Texas which have a meeting room which allows for presentations to business customers. Aside from Haidar Barbouti’s own restaurant and RA Sushi Bar, there is also a Smith and Wollensky restaurant located at the shopping center. Haidar Barbouti has owned this shopping center since 1991. There has been a great deal of renovation which has occurred on this shopping center, much of which was pioneered by Haidar. This has updated the appearance of the shopping center to give it a very new and modern look. In doing so, Haidar Barbouti has decided to follow his passions and create new real estate spaces for others to enjoy.

Importance Of Economists In Modern Market Trends

Economists are professionals who study several economic issues like market demand and supply, employees’ wages and salary as well as tax rate. They apply analytical thinking techniques to understand and explain issues related to economy, forecast trends and recommend what should be done by policy makers and business entities. An economist would be given various responsibilities depending on the employer, specialty field and type of project being analyzed.

Responsibilities of an Economist

Economists normally start their work by conducting feasibility study and gathering information. In some specific cases, they may be required to use and analyze historical data. They use statistical and mathematical techniques for computation and analysis of the data. They give their results in form of reports, graphs, charts and journal articles, and are relied upon when implementing policies at the entities under study.

Economists are hired by governments to conduct study relating to economy of the country, state or local authorities. They can give reports relating to the rate of employment turnover, price of products and services, salaries and wagers of workers and any projected spending that is expected. Economists will share their reports with the government and in turn released to relevant policy makers for more action.

Private companies and corporations will engage the services of economists who will assist them to increase their profits. They will analyze customers’ demand, targeted sales and expected prices. Also, economists will analyze the market trends and interest rates of financial institutions to help them make the right investment strategies.

Non-profit organizations may hire the services of economists to research various factors that affect societies they work with. Economists may research on factors affecting women and youth entrepreneurs in the market and propose ways on which they can be assisted. The organizations representing these groups will create programs to support them.

Economists have areas of specialty like public finance that work with government agencies to study various policies like tax reduction and welfare programs that can affect the economy of a country. International economists would study economy in respect to global perspective like international trade and markets, exchange rates as well as international financial markets.

Christian Broda is a famous economist who thinks the U.S. dollar will remain dominant in the global market. Mr. Broda believes that emerging markets are running into trouble of late, therefore strengthening U.S. dollar even more. He is the MD at Duquesne Capital Management and also a professor at University of Chicago. In 2009, Broda together with another economist speculated that market forces of demand and supply would affect inflation in the long run and keep it at low levels. This speculation has come to pass since inflation has remained at 5% for the last few years as they had predicted.

Joseph Bismark, a Business Leader


I recently found an article on the blog Left Handed Right Mind about Joseph Bismark. Bismark is a leader in QNet, an international direct sales company. He is a private person and does not share too much about his personal life. However, Bismark has held strong views on a healthy lifestyle. I love his philosophy that obstacles are opportunities for leaders.

QNet has experienced notable growth recently due to the company’s culture of entrepreneurship and teamwork. It is believed that the company’s success is due to his leadership skills and his extraordinary personality. Additionally, the company strives to support material recycling and energy conservation. 

Bismark has worked with some of the largest companies in the industry. He has provided excellent advertising, top notch marketing services, and helped companies become leaders in their industries. What sets him apart from other leaders in the industry is that he handles stress with spirituality. In fact, he helps others cultivate success in their industries through his spiritual side.

He believes that it is very important to encourage others. He is known for consistently helping his fellow employees. He works hard to help improve other people’s lives. He does his best to push people to be their very best self. Encouragement is a leadership quality. I completely agree!

Teamwork is also very important to Bismark. Helping others and building a teamwork bond helps to strengthen relationships. He knows that consistent growth is possible with teamwork. Encouragement is a powerful tool to connect people.

He also believes in the importance of creativity. Many ordinary people have been able to reach heights of great success by being creative. He says it is important to always keep an eye out for creative ideas. 

Bismark also does his best to treat people with respect and integrity. He also lives his life with humility. He is open to advice and offers his own when necessary. He listens to his teams’ ideas and input. Bismark has truly taken the time to understand what teamwork and success really is. He also feels that because the success of a business is not easy, adding the element of spirituality can help create stronger teams and keep a business going in tough times.