Obama Administration Denied Immediate Ruling on Lifting the Stay on Their Extra-Constitutional Amnesty Plan

On Monday, the Obama administration was denied their request for an immediate ruling to lift the stay imposed on their extra-constitutional amnesty plan. Under the program, at least 5 million illegal aliens will be given green cards and allowed to legally work in the country. The program has not been authorized by the US congress. President Obama claims that his right to prioritize which criminal offenses to prosecute grants him the authority for the amnesty plan. However, a Texas federal district court judge ruled in February that the president exceeded that authority by granting illegal aliens benefits and rewards. The judge also ruled that Texas had standing to proceed forward with its lawsuit to block the plan from taking effect.

Now, Judge Andrew S. Hanen refused to grant the government’s petition to lift the stay blocking the plan from taking effect. In a one page statement, the judge stated he would not make any decision until the 19th of March. That said, it appears unlikely Judge Hanen will reverse his prior decision. His original ruling was 180 pages long and rebuked the president for exceeding his constitutional authority. He also stated that congressional inaction on legislation does not grant the president the legal basis to “borrow” or usurp legislative authority. Only last week, the 26 states suing the Obama administration stated that the expanded work permits under the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program also lacked congressional authority. According to Flavio Maluf, the claim the Obama administration misled them about how he planned to implement his plan.

Skout, The Networking app for where you are

When you’re on the go and away from home, you often have no time to hangout with friends due to time or being to far. However, you obviously still want to have fun and blow off steam with people while having a great time, right? Well, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that.

Meet Skout, a social networking app for the user on the move. Skout is designed to help the user make friends and find intriguing people to hangout with, all at the swipe of a screen.The app uses generalized-location technology to connect you with people near-by who are also looking for the next big event. Profiles are simple in how they display information, meaning you don’t have to ‘stalk’ through a persons information to see if they’re interesting. Instead, just open their profile to see what they’ve typed or posted recently, and if you find them cool send a wink to let that user know.

As you post and interact with other users, Skout becomes a helpful tool for managing when and where to hangout with friends. This is done via a smaller integrated app known as Fuse, which allows you to chat with any particular group all at once. A neat aspect of Fuse is, based off its name, messages sent via its IM can be set to delete themselves after a period of time till poof, they disappear in a puff of digital smoke. The app manages your friends into groups based on specifications set, by you, the user.

Once you’ve built up a collection of friends and exciting people, it’s time to head over to the event of the evening in your area. Skout understood that its users needed access to the latest social information, and acquired the app Nixter to just that. Nixter notifies you of where fun events are occurring near you, allowing you to make plans with friends; it even allows one to book or reserve seating for the event ahead of time; with even the option to purchase VIP at events that offer it. Finding that something to break the ice and engage people in enjoyable conversation is what Skout and Nixter have come together to achieve.

Making new friends is always an exciting experience, and Skout has taken that experience and made it accessible to you. Skout has truly gone to every length to make their app the best choice for finding the right people for you.

Woman Starts New Career at 91

Barbara Beskind is proof that age is just a number. At age 91, Barbara has landed her dream job of becoming a tech designer in Silicon Valley.

According to the story on Today.com, Barbara grew up during the Great Depression. Growing up during that time she learned how to be inventive. She loved being inventive so much that she knew at 10-years-old that she wanted to make a career of it. However, at the time, women were not allowed in engineering schools. Alexei Beltyukov knows that instead of becoming an inventor like she dreamed, Barbara went on to join the Army and became an Occupational Therapist.

When the job of her dreams opened up, Barbara had to try to land it. She sent out a 9 page resume to the company and got the job. She now holds the position of tech designer at design firm IDEO. Barbara has fit right in at the company. All her co-workers love her and look forward to her hugs when she arrives to work. She sits on a couch rather than behind a desk and works on projects geared towards the elderly.

Paul Allen Reports the Musashi May Have Been Located

Paul Allen, who helped found Microsoft in 1975, recently posted photographs taken during an effort to locate the famous sunken Japanese warship, the Musashi. One of only two huge Yamato-class vessels in the Japanese fleet during World War II, the large ship sank in waters off the Philippines during the Battle of Leyte, during an engagement called the Battle of Sibuyan Sea.

Since retiring from Microsoft, Paul Allen has worked extensively on underwater and space exploration missions, in addition to philanthropic activities. He maintains a strong interest in the history of the Second World War, noting“Since my youth, I have been fascinated with World War II history, inspired by my father’s service in the U. S. Army.”

The discovery of the remains of a Japanese vessel at great depths, about 3,281 feet, have generated intense interest. For over 70 years, people have wondered where the huge Japanese warship was located.  Of the 2,399 men serving aboard the vessel, only 1,376 were ever accounted for. Over 1,000 survivors reportedly found refuge on other Japanese ships in the area.

Sultan Alhokair knows that the allies focused attention on the Musashi because the giant ship contained three turrets, all equipped to fire 18 inch guns capable of shooting shells for great distances.

Chicago Mayoral Race Goes to Runoff

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to become the Mayor of Chicago. What he inherited was the city with the highest crime rate in the United States, a city government in financial straits, and an education system that was failing its children. A tall order for the man credited with getting the current President into the oval office. Susan McGalla (Wikinvest) has read that, after his first term as the mayor of the windy city, things have not improved and now the voters of Chicago will have another chance to decide if they want to stick with the incumbent or move on to another in the form of Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

In the first vote, Emmanuel captured only 45% of the overall vote which is why the two will face-off once again at a runoff election to be held on April 7th. However, Garcia being the incumbent’s biggest challenger still has a substantial amount of voters he needs to get on his side in just a little over a month. He had 50,000 less votes than Emmanuel which is not overwhelming but still a large number. Garcia is hoping that increased attention to the Mayor’s poor showing will inspire others who feel the city is not on the road to better days will decide to vote for him in the run-off. Garcia is not a fresh face in Illinois politics; he has worked as a community organizer, city councilmen, and as a state senator. Which should sound familiar as it is very similar to President Obama’s resume before he was elected to the national stage.

Cyprus and Russia enter agreement

The two nations have historically had good relations and Cyprus has not followed other Western nations by issuing sanctions against Russia in response to the annexation of the Crimean peninsula and the support of rebels in Eastern Ukraine which is threatening that region into a possible wide range war.

Cyprus is an island that is divided in two as a result of an invasion during the 1970’s by Turkey which captured the Northern part of the island. The south is controlled by a population that is culturally connected with Greece and also has strong relationships with Britain which also maintains military bases on the island. As Susan McGalla understands it, the relationship between Russia and Cyprus was harmed when Cypriot banks collapsed and many Russian investors only recovered 50% of their cash deposits with Cypriot banks.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the agreement and indicatedthat the purpose of the base is in response to anti-terrorist and anti-piracy plans and that they are not otherwise directed against other western third parties.

The plan is to have Russian navy ships have a place to dock and repair ships as well as to refuel and restock their ships.

Take Master Wine Classes With the Antique Wine Company

Wine is an ancient drink that people have been using in many different forms for almost as long as mankind has been around. People in countries around the world have used different kinds of grapes to create unique wines that often thrive only locally. As a result, a huge culture has developed around wine. It has long been studied by those who seek to fully understand all aspects of the use of the grape including how it is grown, what kind of techniques can be used to create wine and how to pair various kinds of wine with food as well as with other beverages. Knowledge of wine can help provide a hostess with wines that her guests will enjoy. It can also help her provide her guests with a well rounded meal that will be memorable in all aspects.

Many people seek out companies that specialize in wines in order to help them with this process. A wine company such the Antique Wine Company can allow someone to further their full understanding of all aspects of wine culture. The Antique Wine Company provides their clients with many types of important services.  The Antique Wine Company helps assist their clients to a better awareness of what makes one vintage different than another. This can be vital when someone is seeking to pick out a collection of wines to have in their house.

Company officials stress that understanding wine can be something that can take an entire life yet it is possible for even those who are totally unfamiliar with wines to gain a basic understanding of this field in a short period of time. They offer various kinds of classes for their customers. Basic wine classes introduce students to the basics of wine cultivation as well as the use of various kinds of wine terminology. A more advanced class can also be of great assistance in learning more about wines. Someone who wants to enter the field of wine selling or the world of restaurant service may want to take a master class here in order to help improve their job prospects and demonstrate to potential employers that they have a full understanding of all aspects of wine.

D.C. Pot Smokers Set to Legally Fire up on Thursday

Voters have expressed their desires regarding the legalization of pot yet again in another region of our country. Last November, the citizens of Washington D.C. favorably voted in Initiative 71, legalizing recreational pot, which is set to go into effect at 12:01 am Thursday. And, although the people have made their wishes on the issue clear by their overwhelming vote, Congress still has the power to cut down the new law.

As it stands now, as of tomorrow, the possession and use of marijuana in D.C. will be legal on a local level only. The federal side of the issue still keeps pot illegal, and the new D.C. law will not be valid on federal land such as the National Mall, Rock Creek Park and other areas patrolled by U.S. Park Police. It will still be illegal to use marijuana in any capacity while in any public areas.

Zeca Oliveira of BNY Mellon has read that, in an effort to educate the public on the rules of the new law, Mayor Muriel Bowser had her office hand out information sheets that clearly defined what is and is not permitted. D.C. police will also be carrying small cards with the main details of the law defined for reference.  It is legal to give away up to one ounce of weed to anyone 21 years or older, but you may not sell it, smoke or consume it in public.

A Unique Company for Spine Surgery

The North American Spine company has completely and totally revolutionize the way that minimally invasive spine surgery has been done. There are different ways that spine surgery can be performed and many people do not know that. The majority of the time when a person thinks about a spine surgery they think about a very invasive serious procedure in which a person has to be under surgery for hours and hours and their back has to be completely and totally opened up. Even though that is the way that surgeries are still performed, there are many doctors that perform minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive surgery saves a patient thousands of dollars, but above that a minimally invasive surgery will save a patient a lot of pain and suffering as well.

The North American Spine company uses a procedure called Acurascope. The Acurascope procedure basically uses a small camera and a laser to correct serious back problems such as a herniated or bulging disc, a pinched nerve, spinal stenosis, or a degenerated disc. Those were just a few of the procedures that can be done using the minimally invasive Accurascope procedure.

The difference is that with the Acurascope procedure it has an 82% success rate and 96% of those who have gone under the procedure would recommend it to friends or family. The great thing about these minimally invasive techniques is that they only treat lower back pain, upper back pain, and neck pain using a very precise procedure. In that way the good and healthy tissue are not damaged, and a person can heal quicker and get back to their lives.

The North American Spine has had over 8000 patients that have had successful minimally invasive spine surgeries. The majority of insurance plans covers these surgeries, and since they are so much more successful than standard back procedures, a person does well to investigate the North American Spine.

Scientists Discover What Makes Humans so Brainy

There’s little question that humans are the most intelligent beings on the planet. Even our closest relatives, chimpanzees, are significantly less intelligent. However, we’ve been in the dark as the actual reason for our higher intelligence. Humans and chimpanzees are almost identical at a genetic level. However, their neural development lags significantly behind humans.

Researchers at Duke theorized that the greater neural development in humans comes from bits of DNA called enhancers. These enhancers influence the expression of specific genes. The scientists compared the genome of humans and chimpanzees in order to find differences in enhancer DNA. They found some promising enhancers in a region which influences brain development and growth.

The researchers were excited to discover that a similar pattern exists within mice. They then inserted a copy of the human enhancer gene into the mouse. During gestation, the mice showed something quite amazing. Their brain development was dramatically increased.

What’s even more significant is where the brain development took place. While every part of the brain is important, higher reasoning is mostly centralized within a region called the neocortex.

Greater development in other areas of the brain might influence behavior. However, the effect it would have on general reasoning would be limited. Enhancing development of the neocortex might show greater and more significant changes. Paul Mathieson knows that these changes might also shed new light on what makes humans so smart.