Top Insights about USHEALTH Group Inc.

Founded in 1982, USHealth Group Inc. has been in service with over 15 million clients for over 50 years. USHealth Group Inc. has its headquarters in Fort Worth in Texas. The company boasts of subsidiaries like the National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The firm’s main objective is to avail modernized life, dental, disability, and short-term accident services. Moreover, they offer insurance for families, employees, owners of small businesses, and individuals who are self-employed.

The CEO, Board of Directors member, and President of USHealth Group Inc., Troy McQuagge, along with the company both understands that each client has varying requirements. Due to this, they have been providing varying insurance options such as Accident and Sickness/Disease insurance covers. With their creative design of products, USHealth group of companies is a highly qualified firm addressing issues with a lot of flexibility, reliability, and affordability. The company has considered their customer base impressively by availing creative services and products that give first dollar benefits on their covered services. Moreover, they are offering great discounts on different providers. This plan, ideally, was designed for their clients who are worried about covering the high yearly charges as well as those on a tight financial budget before attaining their insurance cover’s benefits. The services are usually less expensive than the comprehensive covers but still avail first dollar cover and assurance.

USHealth has a number of covers such as PremierChoice, MedGuard, Secure Advantage, Life Protector, Premier Vision, Accident Protector Essential Health Benefits, Income Protector, and Secure Dental. Each carries three separate plans in itself. The first plan in Secure Dental is the Premium Plan whose deductibles are $50 for individuals. Extra orthodontic charges and Care Calendar limit per person covers at $150 and $1500 respectively. The Saver Plus Plan charges $50 per person; the family covers preventive care, orthodontic care, Major and also basic care at $150. Their annual charges are $1000. Finally, there is the Saver Plan going for $50 for individuals, and family covers preventive care with basic care alongside major and orthodontic services which go for $150. This cover goes for $500 per insured party.

The insurance provider has a vast number of preferred provider organizations working with them to help them provide clients with their plans and services. Some of these PPOs are such as Cigna, Dentemax, Midlands Choice, Community Health Network, CVS Caremark, Mississippi Health Partners, Center Care, PHCS, MultiPlan, Devon Health Services, First Choice of the Midwest Inc., and Careington Care. USHealth on Facebook.

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