Yeonmi Park Captivates Readers with her Courageous Journey

In Order to Live delivered a story about Yeonmi Park and her journey to freedom. This is a journey about a 13 year old defector of North Korea. Freedom was not something that this young 13 year old girl had understood. Yeonmi Park wrote a book which was released on Amazon called In Order to Live. This is her true story that has captivated readers everywhere. This is a story that is filled with unbelievable in some ways, and it is filled with absolutely horrifying events that no human being should ever experience. This is an intriguing memoir of a courageous young lady who risk everything in order to reach freedom.

The First Steps To Freedom

Yeonmi took her first steps toward freedom on March 31, 2007. This true story started on North Korea. She took her first steps and headed for the frozen Yalu River. She crept out in the middle of the pitch black night. She was with her mother. They had a goal to reach China. They did not have a particular plan in place. They had a goal to leave North Korea and find freedom.

A Dictatorship Left Behind

North Korea is a dictatorship that rules with fear. North Korea is based on control. Yeonmi was able to leave a dictatorship behind and begin her journey toward freedom. She did come from a close-knit and loving family life. The North Korea government has been called the following:

* brutal

* medieval

* dictator style

* chosen God’s who rule

There have been so many words used to describe the North Korean government. These a only a sample of what this government has been called.

Freedom was Worth the Horrendous Journey

Yeonmi Park has a message to send out to the world through Youtube. She had a harrowing journey that led to her own freedom. There are many who still do not know what freedom is. She paid a high price when she took her first steps toward freedom. She claims that owning her own thoughts, words and self has been worth every moment of her journey.


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